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twofold inc.
twofold inc.
twofold inc.
twofold inc.
twofold inc.
twofold inc.
twofold inc.
twofold inc.
twofold inc.

Review twofold inc.

Brandon Girod
Excellent presentation, some of the best music in mobile gaming, relaxing gameplay
Does include some odd gameplay mechanics
Do you like puzzles? Do you like minimalism? Do you like good tunes? If you’ve checked yes to any one of these questions then you need to check out Twofold inc. for Android. It’s a puzzle game that claims some sort of originality, but I’ll be honest, innovation isn’t its strong suit. Instead, like Jimi Hendrix, this game takes a good idea and polishes to a pretty extreme level.
So let’s back it up a bit to discover what this game is truly about. In reality, this is a cleverly disguised match-three game. Through the tutorial you are presented with grids of various sizes full of colorful tiles. In the game’s UI you discover that there are certain objectives you need to reach. Of the four colors, you’ll need to match them in full groups to match the number indicated underneath the color specified.
The concept is easy on paper - and it’s honestly pretty simple in the game’s first few levels - but you’ll soon learn just how wrong you are. Once you get into later levels you’ll find that the grid doesn’t want to set itself up in a very opportune layout, forcing you to shift rows and columns. The problem is that you’ve only got a limited number of moves to assemble the grid layout in a way to complete your objectives. What does all this mean? It means someone find out a cool way to meld a match-three game and a regular puzzle game into something pretty cool.
Twofold inc. is a great puzzle game with a beautiful design and blissful music. It’s a game that really shines in the way it presents itself and is more than worthy of your $4.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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