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Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey
Lost Journey

Review Lost Journey

Brandon Girod
Very unique gameplay, good graphics, solid controls
No significant shortcomings
Mobile games typically have an identity problem. That is to say, the vast majority have none and try desperately to be just like the ones that do. Lost Journey for Android is the type of game desperately needed on phones.
This is a story of a lost girl. It’s not so much that she’s lost, it’s that she’s lost her memory. As you play the game, you’ll help Jennifer collect shards of her memory and regain herself. The game sets itself up on an interesting premise, and even though the story rarely peaks its head up, it’s nice that it’s there. It doesn’t try to smother you but it does give context to your actions.
The puzzles are the obvious meat of the game, though. You have the power to invert the world. So you’ll play through a level and get stuck at a part that is physically impossible to get past. When you do, simply invert the world and a new path will open up. The gameplay mechanics are pushed further than simply opening new paths, however. You’ll sometimes need to push boxes in certain places so that when you invert the world, you actually have somewhere to go. You don’t get the same experience over and over again, it evolves over time.
Lost Journey really is all about the journey. There are very few ads, in fact, I don’t really remember any. There are no rewards and the game doesn’t need it. It sells itself on the great level design, fun puzzle, and constantly fluctuating gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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