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Epic Quest
Epic Quest
Epic Quest
Epic Quest
Epic Quest
Epic Quest
Epic Quest
Epic Quest

Review Epic Quest

Brandon Girod
Unique gameplay, rpg elements
Bad graphics, touch controls don’t always register
I’ll be honest, playing through match three game after match three game really brings together what all of these games ultimately do wrong, and for many, what they do wrong stems from the very fact that they’re making a match three game in the first place. Epic Quest for Android is a game that actually has a purpose, however. It has an idea that it wants to be something other than just a match three game, and instead uses the mechanics as a vehicle to drive gameplay rather than have it be the essence of the game.
Wow, that was a long intro, and for many people, that might be enough to know what this game is, and it might be enough to know they want to give this game a shot. For those still here, this is an RPG with match three mechanics. Like Puzzle Quest, you’ll fight and gather resources by drawing lines through tiles of the same color. You’ll have to really think ahead because not only is there a timer, but you’ve got health to worry about too.
You’ll earn XP as you complete levels, which means your character will eventually have better stats and will fare better against other foes. You’ll also accumulate gold as you go, which will be used to purchase new equipment in tandem with leveling up so you can be a bonafide threat to anyone who dare oppose you.
My biggest gripe about this game is the fact that it just looks so terrible. Your character looks like a drunken oaf depicted out of entirely too many polygons, and enemies look just as bad. I guess the only redeeming aspect is that you’ll be too focused on the board to bother looking up to see what you look like.
Epic Quest tries to do something different, and while it’s not really that different, just doing something other than dressing up a generic match three game in cupcakes means the game is miles ahead of what’s currently over saturating the market.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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