Cops and Robbers!
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Cops and Robbers!
Cops and Robbers!
Cops and Robbers!
Cops and Robbers!
Cops and Robbers!
Cops and Robbers!
Cops and Robbers!
Cops and Robbers!

Review Cops and Robbers!

Brandon Girod
Cool graphics, interesting premise, rewards change the whole game
The gameplay doesn’t remain interesting, there is no evolution
Maybe you played cops and robbers growing up, if so, Cops and Robbers for Android is very similar but you aren’t playing with a whole bunch of friends, and it’s not quite as fun either. This is an endless arcade game where you run across a level collecting money while trying to avoid police that are chasing you the whole time.
The game features two control schemes, but the “standard” scheme should be done away with completely because it’s absolutely horrid. It’s like trying to control your character with a crank. Otherwise, you’ll just tap the direction you want to go, which is way easier since you’ll really need to be precise about weaving in between all the chaos going on in the field.
What I actually like about this game is the fact that collecting coins directly affects your score and adds to your rewards. This means that you’re not simply trying to avoid cops in the hopes of gathering coins that can be used for unlocks. Even cooler, the unlocks don’t just change the way your character looks, it also changes the way the level and the cops look, too.
Ultimately, Cops and Robbers doesn’t do enough to hold my attention for long. Every time I was captured, it was because I had made a mistake, but I didn’t make the mistake because the game threw something new at me. In fact, the game is pretty much the same in the beginning as it is in higher levels. It’s a game that could really use more mechanics to maintain an interest long term.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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