Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
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Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players
Neobug Rush 2-4 Players

Review Neobug Rush 2-4 Players

Brandon Girod
Multiplayer, good graphics, cool combat system
Bad mechanics, only one game mode
Talk about a shallow game. Neobug Rush 2 for Android is an multiplayer game that features fast and frantic combat between a second player sitting next to you or a computer AI of varying difficulties. All of the details of a good game are here, but after beating each of the computer AIs, I put the game down and never felt compelled to pick it back up.
This is a game much like Chess or Checkers. It wants you to play with friends. If you’re thinking about playing alone then there just simply isn’t enough here to warrant the download. The idea of the game is pretty good. You have three rows and three different colored neobugs. Each colored neobug has a damage advantage over a certain type, so you need to think strategically about which color you’re releasing and when.
Releasing bugs takes down some of your health, though it does seem like it slowly regenerates over time. The key is that when the middle icon turns gold, sending out bugs is free, so you want to make a mad rush within this time frame. This mad rush creates a situation where everything is just a solid mess. Suddenly all of the strategy that’s presented to us in the help menu is all thrown out the window.
Neobug Rush 2 is a good looking strategy game that has potential to be a fun multiplayer experience, but the game kind of shoots itself in the foot by linking your health to purchasing units. It might seem like a good idea in theory, but it makes for lackluster gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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