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HOOP - Basketball
HOOP - Basketball
HOOP - Basketball
HOOP - Basketball
HOOP - Basketball
HOOP - Basketball
HOOP - Basketball
HOOP - Basketball

Review HOOP - Basketball

Brandon Girod
Calming gameplay, excellent graphics, few ads
Gameplay wears thin fast, no upgrades
If you’re a basketball fan, you might be a bit bummed to see that the Play Store doesn’t really have much in terms of quality basketball games. Hoops for Android isn’t going to be your answer either, but it may scratch another itch.
This is an endless arcade game that has you shooting baskets on a beautifully rendered court. The game looks seriously good and it was easily one of the most impressionable aspects of the game. Unfortunately, that means it also beat out the gameplay, too.
This is a game where you are just trying to sink shots from the same place over and over again. You’ve got 30 seconds to score as many shots as possible. To shoot the ball, you’ll simply tap and hold your finger on the screen and wait for a power meter to begin to build. There is a hidden sweet spot here where all of your shots will hit, but it changes in every game. The idea is to find it quickly and capitalize on it.
The game pretty much stops there, though. There is a single player, practice, endless, two player, and an arcade mode, but they all have you doing the same thing. You’re just sinking shots forever. Eventually you’ll earn enough coins to unlock a new court, but that’s the extent of the journey. It’s kind of sad, really.
Hoop has plenty of potential, but it needs to build on the solid foundation it has. Right now, gameplay just gets really old, really fast.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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nice graphics!
Brandon Girod
Yeah, the graphics in this game are great. 
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