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Review Surfingers

Brandon Girod
Awesome graphics, fair reward system, super fun mechanics
Lots of ads
I’m always surprised when I found an arcade game that I really enjoy, and I was surprised by Surfingers for Android. This game is a surfer’s dream - you get the chance to ride an endless wave for as long as you want. The only problem is that wiping out is the only way to get off!
Oddly enough, this wave is broken up into several different columns. What you need to do is match the column you’re riding on with the others. So if the next “wave” is a bit higher than yours, you’ll need to swipe up in order to raise your wave. If it’s below then you’ll need to swipe down. It’s a simple concept that evolves over time.
Sometimes waves won’t be straight plateaus, and this change in perception really throws you for a curve ball until you learn to anticipate them. You’ll also have obstacles you’ll need to avoid. If there is an air balloon in the air then you’ll need to lower your wave underneath it to avoid being knocked off your board.
Perhaps the greatest thing about this game is how you can unlock rewards. Yeah, you can grind away at the coins that pop up in the game, and they actually do pop up at a relatively decent rate, but you can also unlock new characters by doing well in the game, which seems like a first in the mobile space.
Surfingers is just pure fun. The game mechanic is interesting but not frustrating, levels don’t need to be designed so there is no shortcoming there, and the reward system is totally fair.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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