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The Pit
The Pit
The Pit
The Pit
The Pit
The Pit
The Pit
The Pit

Review The Pit

Brandon Girod
Solid aesthetics, responsive controls
Rewards are grindy, frequent ads
Are you looking for another endless arcade game that’s got dynamic gameplay and a sound aesthetic. Well, The Pit for Android might be your answer, but only if you’re looking for something to keep you interested strictly by its gameplay.
In this game, you’ll guide this little green dude over treacherous terrain, and when I mean treacherous, I mean downright mean. Your character will automatically run forward and it’s your job to decide whether you need to jump, double jump or slide your way around an obstacle. Some obstacles will allow you to tackle them from both angles, but others will try and trick you by looking like they might be too short for you to slide under, or too tall for you to jump over.
The gameplay feels mostly fair. There are spike pits to jump over, pillars to slide under and tons more. But there were times when I felt like an object was thrown at me at a time when I simply wasn’t able to avoid it, which resulted in an inevitable death. What’s not fair, however, is the amount of time and effort you’d need to unlock additional characters. They cost 2,000 a piece and you’ll typically only get around 40-50 when you’re first starting out. Even if you watch the ads that give you money, you’ll need to watch eight of them to have enough to unlock one new character.
The Pit requires a huge time investment to unlock new characters and it would be beneficial for most people interested to purchase the ad-free version because there are so many ads that pop up in the game. Gameplay-wise, the game is fun and the art style is excellent.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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