Matchy City - 2048 Game
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Matchy City - 2048 Game
Matchy City - 2048 Game
Matchy City - 2048 Game
Matchy City - 2048 Game
Matchy City - 2048 Game
Matchy City - 2048 Game
Matchy City - 2048 Game

Review Matchy City - 2048 Game

Brandon Girod
Unique gameplay premise, excellent art, no-pressure
A lack of objectives
Match-three games have become pretty stale and boring, but that’s mostly because the games that are coming out tend to be low-effort. That’s not the case with Matchy City for Android. This is a match-three game that adds a bit of flair to the mechanics and lets you build a city with your tiles rather than simply matching cakes or gems together for points.
This game really doesn’t have an objective outside of simply building your city up as high as you possibly can. In this way, building up your city is like building up your score, especially since you’re actually scored on that.
There are different style sets that represent different parts of a city. You’ll have things like an agriculture tile, residential tile, and even commercial tiles. Each tile will have a level associated with it, and you can only match tiles of the same type and the same level. Matching three of the same leveled tiles will create one tile of a higher level. Once you reach the maximum level then it’ll simply disappear, which gives you more space to plant your city.
You’re only given a tiny bit of space, so planning ahead is pretty crucial to staying ahead in this game. Once you are out of space then your town is basically complete and you move on towards building the next town.
I really enjoyed Matchy City because it was stress relieving and I never felt the pressure to really succeed in anything. You care welcomed to do whatever you want, so you don’t have to worry about meeting any goals aside from the ones you set yourself.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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