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Hammer Time!
Hammer Time!
Hammer Time!
Hammer Time!
Hammer Time!
Hammer Time!
Hammer Time!

Review Hammer Time!

Brandon Girod
Fun gameplay mechanic, fast rewards
Gameplay is shallow, huge difficulty curve
Before we continue with the review, let’s go ahead and cringe at the name of this game. Alright, so Hammer Time! for Android is a game that has you defending your castle with top of the line anti-siege weaponry. That is to say, a swinging hammer. Your mission is to defend your castle from an impending onslaught with a few carefully timed swings from your hammer.
In my eyes, the gameplay here is extremely limited. I could honestly never really make it very far before I was overwhelmed because the game is so unbalanced, and there are no unlocks or upgrades that ever make it any more easier or fun.
So there are boulders of various sizes that run down a hill. Smaller ones are obviously faster, and they fly the furthest when you hit them, so need less force to dispatch them. Larger boulders mean you’re going to have to spend more time charging up a swing, but that’s difficult to do if you’ve got a smaller boulder coming at you just slightly before the bigger one. It puts you in a situation where you have to either let the smaller one go, or basically give up by using a smaller swing.
I say give up because once you put yourself in a position where you’re juggling larger and smaller boulders with shorter swings (instead of knocking them away completely) you’re doomed. There is no escaping it. You’re just delaying the inevitable.
Hammer Time! isn’t afraid to give you plenty of skin unlocks for your hammer, but I’d much rather have upgrades that make the game easier to play, or at least more fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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