Shufflepuck Cantina
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Shufflepuck Cantina
Shufflepuck Cantina
Shufflepuck Cantina
Shufflepuck Cantina
Shufflepuck Cantina
Shufflepuck Cantina
Shufflepuck Cantina
Shufflepuck Cantina

Review Shufflepuck Cantina

Sergei Petrov
Shufflepuck Cantina - is an exciting game in the genre of air hockey for Android. The game at first sight striking luxurious 3D-graphics, and lots of dialogue, plot inserts and just things to the main gameplay does not apply, but the perfect complement to the overall atmosphere of the game.
Engaged in developing a game studio Agharta, previously released a number of popular games for the platform iOS, in particular considered the game just came to Android directly with apple operating system.


Before the first batch of air hockey in a long time we will drive through the corridors, will be introduced to several characters and spend a little instruction. It was only after about 5 minutes, we can finally play the first game, in which we will be playing against a robot bartender.
Control of the game is simple: just press your finger on the block and drive his way to the table. Although this control is most suitable for this genre, but I would like to see alternatives, such as a virtual joystick in the corner. This is more convenient as a minimum, because we are starting to see more space.
Opponents in the game quite intelligent, and very rarely miss the flying balls. Also, from the first games, they already know how to run the Snake-Strike, when the puck goes to us in a straight path, and zigzag. We get these features much later.
To play with the computer, you must click on the desired character, then enter the game mode and determine cash rate. If you just click on the game table, will automatically start the game mode for two players. In this case, a plan view and two management areas on opposite sides. This mode is definitely please the owners of tablets, because a single smartphone to play together quite uncomfortable.

Features Shufflepuck Cantina for Android:

  • Colorful 3D-graphics;
  • Just management;
  • Several play areas (4 floors);
  • 12 unique opponents with individual play styles;
  • Various super techniques;
  • Many hours of play in the single player campaign;
  • Game mode for two players.
Disadvantages include everything that the developers decided to add to the usual arcade game. Even after several hours of play does not leave the impression that all these rooms, the characters, the dialogue - all of this is unnecessary and distracting from the air hockey.
Summary. Shufflepuck Cantina - is an arcade game for Android, which is sure to lovers of this and a virtual air hockey. The game is free, but some of the game options can only be obtained by purchasing in-game items for real money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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