Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
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Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka

Review Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka

Brandon Girod
Features double-sided mechanics, good aesthetic
The Amazon setting feels over done, there is no tutorial for new mahjong players
Outside of a few free games that came on computers back in the early 2000s, I have never really played Mahjong before. Doubleside Mahjong Amazon for Android is a seemingly typical Mahjong game, but it gives the player the ability to flip the board, which can sometimes make the game easier or more difficult depending on the hand you’re dealt.
The game doesn’t do anything to help you get going. There is no tutorial about the game itself and there is no tutorial on how to play Mahjong on a general level. Even now, I’m still a bit hazy on why you can sometimes move pieces that are below the level of other pieces on some rows but not on others, but the main gist is that you’re just matching the same pieces together until you’ve cleared the entire board, at least in this game.
In the beginning, I found the gameplay to be pretty relaxing. But that’s probably because there were always matches. It seemed more like I was racing against the clock rather than actually trying to solve the puzzle that was laid before me. But suddenly, you’ll be thrown into the deep end. Somewhere around the 5th or 6th level I was met with a message saying there were no more free matches. I didn’t quite understand what that meant at first, but the I realized it meant that, unless I paid for some type of power-up, I was going to have to repeat the level. This is kind of a bummer when you realize you’re always given random tiles and there is no guarantee that there is even a correct way to solve a puzzle.
Doubleside Mahjong Amazon was a cool first experience with the genre, but I left thinking it wasn’t the best. The Amazonian setting is one that I’ve seen done countless times and it felt soulless. The game could also be just a bit more inviting for new Mahjong players.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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