Blown Away: First Try
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Blown Away: First Try
Blown Away: First Try
Blown Away: First Try
Blown Away: First Try
Blown Away: First Try
Blown Away: First Try
Blown Away: First Try
Blown Away: First Try

Review Blown Away: First Try

Brandon Girod
120 levels, unique mechanics, awesome aesthetic
The tutorial should be skippable
Blown Away for Android is an arcade platformer with a bit of pizazz, structure, and style. You play as Hendrik, who is a schlimazel, which is a fancy word for someone who is incredibly unlucky. Anyway, everything that Hendrik had was blown away by the wind. Everything except his teleporting shoes (perhaps he’s not as unlucky as he thinks). It’s your job to help Hendrick retrieve the pieces of his home across 120 different levels.
This is a game about foresight and a bit of trial and error. You’ll move Hendrik by tapping on the screen. This makes him teleport to the spot you tapped, but you need to really think about where you’re going to put him because his shoes need to be connected to the ground in order to recharge. As you wait for the teleporting shoes to charge up, the screen will creep up from the left. So, there’s no time limit, just a screen that’s trying to kill you.
I’m not typically a fan of games that rely on trial and error, but this game didn’t bother me so much. I felt like I really learned from every death and eventually I wasn’t dying as often as I would have in other games like it. The game can be very tense, though. There were plenty of times when I felt like I absolutely needed to move the very second my shoes charged back up or the screen was going to take me down.
Blown Away didn’t blow me away, but it’s still a very good platformer. The pacing of the game can make for some very tense situations, but the entire game seems to be balanced pretty fairly.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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