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Geometry Dash Meltdown
Geometry Dash Meltdown
Geometry Dash Meltdown
Geometry Dash Meltdown
Geometry Dash Meltdown
Geometry Dash Meltdown
Geometry Dash Meltdown
Geometry Dash Meltdown

Review Geometry Dash Meltdown

Brandon Girod
Excellent aesthetic and design, fun gameplay
Music has a good beat, has a lot of ads, controls aren’t always responsive
There seems to be a bit of a resurgence in the amount of rhythm based games I’m finding in the Play Store. Geometry Dash Meltdown for Android is one of the newer offerings and it’s pretty great.
So this is a rhythm based platformer, but not a lot of the jumps really seemed to sync up with the music. I was sort of expecting to need to be able to tune into the beat in order to do really well in this game, but it made no difference if I had music turned on or off, the visual elements play a larger role in the game than the sound does, and that’s a bit of a shame because the music is really, really good.
I also have a bit of a bone to pick with the controls. The jumping doesn’t always feel fluid. I first noticed this when I was jumping my way up a series of three pillars. I successfully made it up to the third one, but when I went to jump off the third one, nothing happened. Fortunately,, I didn’t die, but I could have easily seen tons of other spots where I would have.
The game is dripping in style, though. The music is great, I really like the entire aesthetic of the game, levels are unique and interesting, and each level has its own atmosphere that coincides with the feel of the song that’s playing at the time.
Geometry Dash Meltdown isn’t a free game but you can try out a few of the levels for free, and that should be a good enough indicator as to whether or not you really enjoy the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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