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Golden Depth

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Brandon Girod
Lighthearted story, great clicker mechanics, fun art style
The pace might be a tad too slow at the beginning
Golden Depth for Android is a cleverly disguised clicker that takes you down to the very deep depths of the Earth’s core. You will play as a brave adventurer named Sven Duk and his nephew, Arny, as the unlikely duo sets off to collect treasures in the underground city of Zorga.
Taking a first look at the city, and thinking about the game’s concept, it sounds like this is another endless runner where you’re simply trying to dodge monsters and other obstacles as you make your way to Zorba. That is, thankfully, not the case at all. Instead, you’ll follow the duo in a clicking adventure. Tapping on the screen will move the two characters further down into the underground tunnels where they’ll come across minerals and resources to mine, bats to shoo away, and more.
Mining things will net you some gold that you’ll use to upgrade your gear and will eventually let you earn some decent passive income. So while you’re constantly tapping, you won’t always be making money doing so, at least not in the beginning. Another unique thing about this game is that there is a story being told at various depths. When you reach certain points there will be a snapshot of a comic that pops up and gives a bit of context to what’s going on.
The upgrades in this game are significant and I love the pacing. In the very beginning of the game, you really feel like you’re struggling to make an impact. The story and destination also give great incentive to keep playing. Upgrading your gear doesn’t make you progress any faster, but it does give you the potential to make more money and get cooler gadgets to play around with.
Golden Depth is a clicker that games of other genres should look at for inspiration. It takes a gameplay concept and builds a game around it rather than making the concept the entire game. If you’re a fan of clickers, this is the next game you should jump into.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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