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How to download free Winamp

Compatibility checking
Indicate to verify compatibility of Winamp with your device
To find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version"
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Installation options
With PC
Follow the link to Google Play and click "install"
With your smartphone or tablet
Enter link in your mobile browser or scan the QR-code
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Review Winamp

Evgenii Kostrov
Functions quickly, convenient interface, neat design
No significant shortcomings
Winamp - is an excellent music player for Android-devices, which is familiar to many users since the first computers running on the operating system Windows. One of its most useful features is the synchronization with its "big brother" mentioned above.
In addition to the standard features available to any self-respecting audio player is involved here is some interesting services. With the first you will be able to listen to free songs from Spinner. The second will allow you to enjoy the whole free albums from the collection of Full CD Listening Party.
The third is a complete internet radio, the catalog of which you will find a huge number of popular radio stations (50, 000). Fourth interesting feature is the possibility of obtaining additional information about the track, which Winamp can read a web service or Youtube (if the title track is correctly displayed in the playlist).
Another distinctive feature of the music player is ten equalizer (only in the paid version of the application). And it's not that with it you can achieve a beautiful sound of music, but the fact that he is able to easily increase the maximum playback volume by 30% compared to the default settings of any other player.


Naturally, in addition to the manual equalizer settings there are preset options, the number of which is equal to eighteen. To always access the player control and comfortable viewing information about the currently playing track in the program the opportunity of fans to one of the empty desks more informative widget. In Winamp for Android also supports sorting of tracks by genre, album or artist.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10

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Евгений Костров
Евгений Костров - 9.7/10 (Winamp для Android)
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