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Brandon Girod
Good exploration value, lots of paths to explore
Uninteresting rewards, not a true clicker
Octopus Evolution for Android is a series of clicker games that are all based on various animals. Typically, if you’ve played one then you’ve probably played them all. That’s not necessarily a knock against the game, it’s just the truth that each game plays identically, with the only thing changing being the animal you’ve decided to play based on which game you’ve downloaded.
So this isn’t really a clicker in the sense that you click on things. In fact, the only thing you’ll ever find yourself clicking on are the options in the game’s menu. Instead, your octopus will automatically accumulate money based on where they are at in the evolutionary chain. This is great because it gets rid of the annoyance of having to click things, instead you can get right into what’s important: getting bigger numbers. Except, this game doesn’t have bigger numbers. Instead, it’s all about finding out how far you can get your octopus to evolve.
You see, you’ll start off with a single octopus. Soon enough, you’ll purchase another, along with the ability to have new octopus shipped directly to you in crates. If you grab two octopus of the same kind and put them together, then you’ll make it evolve, creating something new. This is basically what you’re hoping to accomplish: create advanced evolutions where the chains get bigger and bigger and it takes longer and longer for you to advance to the next stage.
On one hand, that’s a really cool concept, but on the other, it doesn’t make me super excited to play. If I’m not constantly looking for something new and cool to buy then my drive in a game like this quickly declines.
Octopus Evolution is good for what it is, but if you think you’re downloading a clicker, thing again. These games share some gameplay mechanics from clickers, but they are certainly different genres.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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