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Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It
Shift It

Review Shift It

Sergei Petrov
Shift It - it's an interesting puzzle game for Android, in which we will move the cubes so that all elements of the same color touch each other edges. The game has many interesting levels, and with time complexity quite increases. In terms of mechanics, the game feels a bit like assembling cube-cube.
The first thing I want to draw attention - is the perfect graphics. Game shimmers with bright colors with perfectly matched colors and pleasant animation, which is complemented by a good soundtrack.


Rules of the game are very simple. Our goal is to place all the pieces of the puzzle so that all parts of the same color touch each side faces. In the game you can not move a single item, with it a number of moves, and when you move the number one extreme element appears on the other side.
Series can be split by making horizontal dragging, and then in the right place in the vertical or vice versa. Exactly the same concept is used in the Rubik's cube, which takes this popular among fans of challenging puzzles. This game can be called a kind of highly simplified version, as there is only one side, but also has its peculiarities.
If the first level Shift It was not extremely difficult, we are beginning to appear on the items in which one of the squares divided into several colors at once. Accordingly, it should be placed so that all the color in contact with the same, and thus fulfilled all the other conditions. At this point you will have to seriously think about.

Shift It features for Android:

  • Beautiful graphics and atmospheric quality animation;
  • A huge variety of levels;
  • Counting the steps;
  • Clear clues;
  • The game is designed for all ages.
Separately want to mention tips here are not in the classic sense of the word. But if the game will see that we are 1-2 away from solving the puzzle, the background will be changed and will appear, motivating Prestressing brains and solve the level, there are very cool.
Summary. Shift It - is a great puzzle game for Android, works equally well on tablets and smartphones. The game will appeal to children and adults with simple and universal rules. Fans of puzzles recommended!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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