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Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme
Downhill Xtreme

Review Downhill Xtreme

Jay Feldman
Perfect soundtrack, online multiplayer, simple controls
Bores you really quickly, bad detalization, low quality animation
Downhill Xtreme for Android pits you against live online skaters on scenic and radical courses from around the world. So go fast and try not to bite it, dude.
Downhill Xtreme is a longboard competition app. You race downhill on simulated roadways in some of the world's most scenic locales. There's an interactive map of the world that shows you all the available races you can join. You'll be matched up with skaters from around the globe in timed trials. Race well, and you'll be rewarded with virtual cash and prizes.
The soundtrack is perfect for a skateboarding app; assuming that all skaters love thrashing, hard indie music. Personally, I thought the music was a good fit for this game, but it got on my nerves pretty quick so I just turned it off and kept the sound effects only. Some might really dig it though.
The graphics are decent. The lighting effects are by far the best aspect of the artistic work that went into this; very realistic with good subtlety. The skaters themselves though, are highly crude and underdeveloped. The locales are decent, but also quite rudimentary. Much of this looks like a beta test, not a finished game. The animation is mediocre at best and the whole app is very much in your face and annoying.
The controls are ok, but only point out how boring this game truly is; just brake to slow down and tuck to go fast. It's all a little shoddy and unfinished. The app ran my CPU very hot, so it's thrashing on the battery more than the skaters are thrashing that course.
Downhill Xtreme is ultimately just a product placement app. They're trying to sell you longboards here, not a game. As an idea, this app has potential. But in its current form, it's just a loud and blaring mess. This might be decent in another update or two, but for today, it's just not that great.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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ashok kumar
happy new year 2015
Vlad Popa
Happy New Year to you too.
wtf it is so beautiful game
I think that this is a good website. i can easily download thing is not i like that was,every app is old version.I think you should make them new version.It will be better for you.
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