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Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends
Country Friends

Review Country Friends

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, lots of good animation
Incredibly long timers, has no identity
Mobile gaming has one problem: it has way too many “me too” games. Country Friends for Android is a game that tries to go after the huge farming fans, or that’s what it seems like at least. Much like Farmville did many, many years ago, it’s a game where you build a farm and then sit around for huge lengths of time while you wait for things to happen.
My ultimate disappointment in this game is that it literally does absolutely nothing different than any of the games it’s copying. You’re taken through a tutorial where you plant seeds, then wait for the seeds to grow, then use an arbitrary tool to harvest said tool, then you take it to your mailbox and sell your harvest and do it all over again. You follow very similar steps for raising cows and other animals, too. The issue is that I could have just replaced the name of this game with Farmville and I honestly wouldn’t have changed anything that I just said.
Another disappointment is that it doesn’t even try to improve on some of the negative aspects of Farmville - namely the timers. If I jump into your game and am almost immediately thrown back out because I’m waiting for 15 minute timers then there is a good chance I’m probably not going to come back. Sure, some people will, but to me it just seems like another reason to try and convince people to pay for the in-app purchases.
Country Friends just has no identity of its own. In fact, you were probably surprised to read that name again because I was able to mention Farmville so much, and the game mimics it so well, that I wouldn’t blame you if you forgot which game you were reading about.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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