Sniper Fury: best shooter game
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Sniper Fury: best shooter game
Sniper Fury: best shooter game
Sniper Fury: best shooter game
Sniper Fury: best shooter game
Sniper Fury: best shooter game
Sniper Fury: best shooter game
Sniper Fury: best shooter game
Sniper Fury: best shooter game

Review Sniper Fury: best shooter game

Brandon Girod
Fantastic graphics, easy to use controls
Missions are too similar, upgrade options seem tacked on
Sniper Fury for Android is a first-person shooter that puts you in the shoes of the best sniper in the world as he goes from mission to mission, taking on what this organization has deemed to be “evil.” It’s a world that fully realized in decent voice acting, and it features a decent story mode, too.
This is a game that you’ve probably played before if you’ve ever played one of these on-rails sniping games in the past. You play as a sniper that is tasked with taking down various targets that differ depending on what type of mission you’re one. One of the things this game does a bit better than others comes in the form of the controls. You can simply tap the screen and drag your finger around to maneuver the scope, but there is a lot more sway in this game than previous games I’ve played. Suddenly, the game isn’t just about pointing and shooting since you’ll be fighting the wind.
On the opposite wind, upgrades to your weapon mostly felt like they were just gateways to progressing the story. I never felt like upgrading ever benefitted me in any way, it just seemed like a system tacked on to give the player another sense of progression. Things became even more silly when you take a poorly thought out crafting system into consideration. The crafting system only exists as a way to incentivize players to spend money on materials that you don’t really need because they don’t make any difference.
You’re also no limited to just sniping in this game. There are other missions that will require you to pick up an assault rifle so you can get up close and personal. These missions were the worst because I never felt like I could really fail them. They’d shoot you and you shoot them back. there is no cover system, so you just point and shoot. What’s worse is that enemies are nothing but bullet sponges.
Sniper Fury isn’t a bad on-rails shooter, it’s just really par for the course. These games are a cool novelty that were fun 25+ years ago in arcade machines, but they aren’t really fun, and I never feel like I really want to go back in and play them after turning them off the first time because they’re all so interchangeable.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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