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Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land
Plumber Land

Review Plumber Land

Sergei Petrov
Plumber Land - an exciting puzzle game for Android, in which we need to bring running water to the cute little dragons and drink water. The complexity of the game is that each dragon has a unique color, and drawn tube must correspond to it.
Apart from the fact that for every dragon must find the color tube, in some cases, the color you want is not there. In this case, we can connect two pipes of different colors to get the new desired color. All possible combinations are in a separate window, which is called by the button in the upper left corner of the screen.


The playing field is divided into a number of separate elements of pipes and water sources. At the bottom there are dragons in need of water. Using free tube elements, we have to turn them so as to form a number of channels that must be brought to the bottom of the dragons.
To rotate the tube, you simply click on it with your finger. In addition to the classic elements of pipes, it also found layered pipe when one pipe is above or below the other.
In Plumber Land has two main game modes: Campaign and passing game for a while. In the first case, we simply go through the levels, one after the other, of which there is so much that is not enough for one week game. In the second case we need to quickly resolve a number of levels in the allotted time - 1,2,3,4 or 5 minutes.
Getting levels may seem complicated, but do not rush off. Just play around more, and eventually the game becomes much more difficult, and the passage of the level will be required for 5 or even 10 minutes.

Features Plumber Land for Android:

  • Colorful graphics;
  • Two modes of play;
  • Different color tubes and dragons;
  • Mix colors to get new shades;
  • More than a hundred different levels;
  • Easy management;
  • Growing complexity levels.
Serious flaws in the game, we could not find, all that is done, very well done, even advertising. Small banner at the bottom of the screen does not interfere, as it is outside the playing field. The sound in the game, of course, is not very pleasant, but it can be disabled, it is not necessary.
Summary. Plumber Land - is a quality and a very complicated puzzle for Android, which can take you than a dozen hours. If you like this genre of (plumbing), it is one of the best options, especially since the game is distributed free of charge and without restriction.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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