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The Walls
The Walls
The Walls
The Walls
The Walls
The Walls
The Walls
The Walls

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Brandon Girod
Minimalistic graphics, responsive controls, includes levels
Frequent ads
For a good while, Ketchapp was one of my favorite developers for one-touch arcade games, but they’ve since sort of fallen off the wagon a bit. The Walls for Android is an arcade game that brings me back, somewhat, to the days where I rather enjoyed what sort of games they had to offer.
The first thing that makes me automatically enjoy this game is the fact that it’s totally broken up into various levels. I’m hesitant to call this an endless game because I’m not exactly sure if there is an infinite amount of levels or not. From what I played, it seems as though levels are procedurally generated, and you’ll probably go on for as long as you can possibly go before straight up giving up on the game.
I personally believe it’s the way that levels are structured that cause this. The reason is because the game does tend to turn into an endless game. Let’s say you make it all the way to level six without your ball falling off. Every new level you join means you essentially have to replay the previous ones before it before being able to move onto the next one. This means that while the game does feed you portions, you’re still building up to very lengthy playthroughs where you’re essentially trying to get as far as you can. By level 17, for instance, you’ll need to play through 17 levels before moving on to the next level, which means levels also compound. Level 17 isn’t just the next level from 16, it’s replaying 16 levels again, and then beating that 17th.
The game’s reward system is a huge drag. Every new ball color you unlock costs 100 coins, but you’re limited to picking up coins at a pace the game sets, and it takes a pretty decent amount of time to rack up 100 coins since you’re not guaranteed a single coin on every level you play. The game also serves up ads pretty frequently, which can be a bit of an annoyance.
The Walls is a pretty good arcade game overall, however. It’s more a game of patience than anything else because you’re simply tapping the screen as a ball bounces between walls. That said, the game does begin to wear thin early on since rewards are scarce and not terribly interesting.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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