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Benji Bananas
Benji Bananas
Benji Bananas
Benji Bananas

Review Benji Bananas

Alexander Vorobyev
Highly dynamic gameplay, simple and responsive controls, great detailed graphics
No significant drawbacks
Benji Bananas is a really amazing arcade game for Android devices where you will need to control a monkey in a selva full of lianas, bananas, trampolines, and obstacles. You will need to make sure that the monkey covers the longest distance possible and collects as many bananas as it can without falling down.
As you’ve already understood, in this game you will need to jump from a liana to liana, holding them and swinging on them, by tapping your screen for a certain amount of time. Remember that every time you tap the screen, the monkey will cling to the other liana, whilst it will jump to the next liana when you release the screen.
The gameplay of Benji Bananas is really addictive as the game features lots of action and many levels. Levels—that all have different background and environment—will be changing depending on how long you play without dying.
Benji Bananas is a perfect arcade game for Android devices that will become your best timekiller and entertainment irrespective of what your favorite game genre is. The game is distributed completely for free and features no significant drawbacks.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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