Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake
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Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake
Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake
Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake
Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake
Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake
Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake

Review Doodle Grub - Twisted Snake

Sergei Petrov
Doodle Grub - is a fun arcade game for Android, in which we have to help a little gusenichke grow to incredible sizes. If you have ever played in the famous classic game called Snake, this game is its modern incarnation.
The development of this great arcade engaged studio PIXOWL Inc, which we already know from the very original and unusual simulator - The Sandbox , where we created his own world of simple elements.


Of course, Doodle Grub is different depth and the presence of a unique story, but it's not for that, we loved the classic game, holding her many hours of their phones, consoles and computers, is not it?
Control of the game is not using the buttons, as was the earlier, and with the accelerometer. To start playing a smartphone or tablet to divert from himself and placed horizontally. Now, when you tilt your device in one direction or another, your snake (here it's track) will be moving in this direction.
On the playing field will gradually appear apples as whole and bitten. When you are not going to pick up a whole apple, then it will also be bitten, such apples we do not need, they give less to the points. Each collected a whole apple increases the size of our main character.
In addition to apples, the map will also be appearing enemies, other large insects, and animals. These we must be avoided. If we are faced with an enemy tail, it completely disappear, but if head, the game will be lost. At the same time, it is possible to defeat the enemies, if you eat a ladybug that sometimes appears on the map. It will improve our caterpillar and provide her with sharp spines, and then it's time to arrange intruders bloodthirsty revenge.

Features Doodle Grub for Android:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics;
  • Management via an accelerometer;
  • Several locations;
  • Unique enemies and bonuses;
  • Keeping score and the overall results table.
Summary. Doodle Grub - it is a good arcade game for Android, which is perfect for short gaming sessions, especially if you're used to flirt a real snake. The game is free with no restrictions.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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