Buried Town - The Last Survival
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Buried Town - The Last Survival
Buried Town - The Last Survival
Buried Town - The Last Survival
Buried Town - The Last Survival
Buried Town - The Last Survival
Buried Town - The Last Survival
Buried Town - The Last Survival
Buried Town - The Last Survival

Review Buried Town - The Last Survival

Brandon Girod
Fun gameplay, lots of room for progression, great pacing
The combat could be more interesting, the ui could use a bit of modernizing
When you think of a zombie survival game, you would probably think of something along the lines of what you normally see on the mobile platform. Maybe it’s a first person shooter, maybe it’s base builder. Well, Buried Town for Android isn’t anything like those games. It’s more akin to a text-based adventure that has a few visual elements thrown into the mix just to spice things up.
In this game, you find yourself as a survivor on an isolated island. True to any real survival game, you’ll need to go outside and scavenge for supplies in order to feed yourself, keep your sanity, and build new things so that you eventually become more efficient and can go scavenge further and further.
Scavenging is the main crux of the game. You’ll be taught a few things through a quick tutorial, and then you’ll soon find yourself clearing out buildings. Clearing buildings is where all of your supplies will come from. It takes time to travel to each building and clear them out. Every building has it’s own range of threat levels and has a varying amount of rooms to explore. Threat levels are pretty self explanatory and will let the player know how dangerous the encounter is. This is crucial when things get more difficult because it gives you the chance to run away when you know you’re in over your head.
After you clear out a room you’ll usually find a good haul of supplies, but you’ll also have to adhere to a wait limit. Fortunately, items that you can’t take with you are stored at a depository for easy access. Combat is all done automatically and you’ll read the results as they happen in real-time.
You’ll eventually be able to build shelters so you can explore further and advance further and further in the game. After all, areas aren’t able to be revisited once you’ve already cleared them out.
I felt that Buried Town was a fairly interesting game despite not having a super strong visual element to really wow players. What’s there is strong and different enough to keep most players interested for long periods of time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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