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Tap the Frog Faster
Tap the Frog Faster
Tap the Frog Faster
Tap the Frog Faster
Tap the Frog Faster
Tap the Frog Faster
Tap the Frog Faster
Tap the Frog Faster

Review Tap the Frog Faster

Brandon Girod
Dynamic gameplay, family friendly, tons of great games
Kids mode is locked behind a paywall
Tap the Frog Faster for Android sounds like it’d be another clicking adventure, but it’s actually a collection of games aimed towards children. It’s an endless game that tasks you with doing various tasks as fast as you can for as long as you can. At the end, you’ll be rated.
The games you play give you a quick tutorial on how to play, which consists of just one screen - the best way to have a tutorial. After that, you’ll start the game and a timer will count down. If you beat the task then you’ll be given two extra seconds on top of whatever leftover time you had. You’ll continue this through a number of different tasks until you reach a boss. The boss will require you to tap it a certain number of times in a small amount of time, hence the name.
Once you’ve beaten the boss, you’ll be given lengthier times with basically the exact same amount of time. This means you’ve gotta do double the tasks in the same amount of time, which is insanely difficult. Doubling the difficulty in the second level, which seems a bit unfair. This seems even a little more insane once you find out that there is a kids only mode that you can pay $2.99 to unlock. I’m not really sure there are many kids out there that would be able to get too far into this game before you just hit an impossible wall.
The games in Tap the Frog Faster are variations of matching games. Sometimes you’ll be matching fruits together, other times you’ll be matching pairs, and you might be painting all of the balls the same color. Thinking about what this game has to offer, there really isn’t a ton here to get excited about, and the kids mode definitely doesn’t feel like it’s worth your money since it only eliminates the ads.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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