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Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget
Battery Monitor Widget

Review Battery Monitor Widget

Sergei Petrov
Battery Monitor Widget - is a multipurpose program for Android, which analyzes the battery consumption to output all details about what and how much consumption of resources, and to optimize the work and maximize the battery life on a single charge.
The program first scans the mode of using the battery and all data (%, mAh, temperature and so on). All these data are superimposed on the smartphone usage statistics, that is, we will be able to see exactly how much% of the battery used up a specific application.

Interface and

Before using the program, we recommend go to the settings and choose a gauge to indicate the size of your battery, if it does not know the program. On popular models volume is determined automatically, but sometimes it's better to enter the data manually.
The first few days of the program will be filled with information about the use of your device, then you can conclude how well you use it. For example, on the "Use Times" you can see how your device will be able to work in the mode of three games, two-dimensional, viewing online video, or listening to the radio while you surf. Moreover, the results are displayed, as in the current charge, and at 100%.
In Battery Monitor Widget can be found quite interesting options, such as the installation of signal-tunes when charging smartphone gets to 100%. Also, you can include the output of the full information in the notification panel. Of course, the program has many beautiful widgets, and many of them are only available in PRO-version, you can buy a little less than $ 3.

Features Battery Monitor Widget for Android:

  • Collecting statistics using a smartphone;
  • Several kinds of reports with detailed information;
  • Information about how much each application consumes the charge;
  • Calibrating the battery;
  • Notice of the charge;
  • Support for widgets;
  • The information in the notification panel;
  • Displays the usage time for different usage patterns.
The disadvantages of the program can be attributed not the most beautiful interface, which seems not changed from the time of Android 1.X. Navigating the application also not happy in the program have long to understand, and in fact could do much better.
Summary. Battery Monitor Widget - is a useful program for Android, which will appeal to those who think that their device runs down too quickly. This program will satisfy your curiosity and identify the perpetrators of the battery is depleted.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 8/10
Design 6/10
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