Give It Up! 2
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Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2

Review Give It Up! 2

Brandon Girod
Cool music, super fun gameplay, solid controls
You should definitely have music on to play
I might have missed the first one, but Give It Up! 2 for Android is one rhythm game you won’t want to miss. It combines features from platforming and rhythm games to create an interesting and unique gameplay experience. You’ll play with Blob or one of his friends as you bounce your way across a multiple platforms that are all trying to kill you.
In this game, you have to jump from tile to tile to the beat of the music playing. When you first get into the game, you’ll go through several tutorial levels that don’t really present themselves as tutorials. Instead, the game should shows you what you should be doing with music that is slower paced that is typical. Gradually, the game speeds the tempo of the music up to match how fast the music will be in the game itself.
After that, you’ll go from level to level trying to collect as many stars as you can while staying alive. This can be a difficult path, but each level has three levels of difficulty you can play on. I think this is pretty genius because it caters to multiple audiences.
The game’s biggest downside is that it is very reliant on listening to the beat in order to nail every jump. Your blob will jump from one tile to the next automatically, but you’ll need to time your jumps with the music in order to clear obstacles. You can see a visual representation of this by tapping the screen right as your blob hits the ground, so it is possible to play without the music, it’s just more difficult.
Give It Up! 2 doesn’t try to bog players down with several ads or needless rewards. It’s a really fun experience that has solid controls, and good tunes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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