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Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes
Out of Brakes

Review Out of Brakes

Brandon Girod
Unique graphics, precise controls
Grind intensive, repetitive gameplay
Out of Brakes for Android is an arcade-style racing game. At least, that’s the way the developer describes the game in the app’s description. I found it to be more like an isometric traffic game based on the movie Speed. You’re not racing anything, and, in fact, you’re actually trying to drive as slow as you can so you can drive for as long as possible.
You see, the brakes in your car have given out, so you can’t slow down yourself. Instead, you have to run into as many water barrels as you can to try and slow yourself down. The game doesn’t explain why the car drives perpetually faster, but it is just a game. Water barrels are the target, but there are also brick walls that were thrown in the middle of the road, and tire slicks that will try and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. So, the game becomes very much about making split second decisions.
Fortunately, the controls are incredibly tight and responsive, but they are intentionally slow. Sometimes you’ll run into a water barrel at an angle that makes it impossible to correct your route so you don’t run into the brick wall just beyond it. These things can be a bit frustrating because it doesn’t really feel like the game gives you tools to handle situations like these.
There are also rewards in the game. Every hundred coins you gather will let you try your luck at the slots machine, which means every prize is random, and you won’t unlock a new character every time you get 100 coins either. You’ll also get a free gift -- usually coins -- at random times that the game decides to give them to you at.
Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything that wowed me in Out of Brakes. The gameplay felt incredibly familiar and the rewards were, frankly, pretty boring. The racetrack always looks the same, and while the cool artstyle means you get to see cars destroyed in unique ways every time, that’s not exactly a strong allure.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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