The Last Vikings
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The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings
The Last Vikings

Review The Last Vikings

Brandon Girod
Really great graphics, humorous dialogue, incredibly interesting gameplay
Stamina system, text boxes are too long
I’ll just put this up front: The Last Viking for Android is probably one of the most interesting mobile games I’ve played in a while. You will take command of Norse heroes, embark on an amazing viking adventure sailing through dangerous seas in order to pillage villages, plunder loot, and bring victory and glory back to the Viking people.
There is a bit of a preface to the game when you first start, and the general gist is that you’re the last great viking of your time. So, naturally, it’s up to you to raid and plunder so that vikings can reclaim their throne at the top of the food chain. You’ll do this by sending your viking team out and sailing around the world, making stops at poor villages along the way.
The game has many different phases. You start off at your village which is where you can manage your weapons, heroes, buy a bigger boat, and set off on raids. Once you’re on the high seas, you’ll be tasked with playing a mini game. Here you’ll need to shoot boulders out of the sky before they hit you, and you’ll need to play a sliding game which dictates how fast you go. This entire mini game is setup to add a degree of difficulty. If you’re not too careful here then your army could end up in bad shape when they arrive.
When you finally make landfall with something, the first thing you’ll need to do is break down their walls. This isn’t usually something that can be done in just one trip, but you’ll fortunately gather loot and supplies for every trip you make. When the wall is down then you can expand your territory by committing to a land battle. Here you’ll play a game similar to the sailing mini game, but the stakes are higher. Rather than the slider just providing you with more speed, you’ll need to aim and stop the slider at various places that increase your stats and the size of your raiding group.
You can build up your army by upgrading them before raids, gaining more as you raid, upgrading your ships to bring more along, and leveling up your hero. Weapons and armor will also drop which can be assigned to your army back at the village.
The Last Viking is a full-fledged game that has all the complexity of an indie game. It’s not too deep, but by mobile game standards, this one is more than worth all of your time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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