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Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop

Review Hop Hop Hop

Brandon Girod
Genuinely fun gameplay mechanics, easy to obtain awards, constant changes to aesthetic
Gameplay get stagnant fast
Hop Hop Hop for Android is a game that is trying to build a bit off the success of Flappy Bird. The good news is that it does use slightly different mechanics in the game, it has better rewards, and is just a bit easier to play, which means less stress for the player.
What’s cool about this game is that it challenges players in different ways. You’ll tap your screen to basically dribble your character in the air. In each section is a hoop that opens up the next section, and you need to dribble your ball into the hoop. If it touches the side of the hoop then you lose. The only time it can really touch the rim without losing is if there is still a chance that it could bounce in. You’ll get a point for opening the next section, but you can also attempt to shoot the ball into the hoop from below, which is more dangerous but gives you more points.
Every handful of sections will change the color of the game, which is a really nice touch that gave me the sense that things were happening outside of me just dribbling things into a hoop. You can also collect mushrooms in order to unlock new skins. The second skin I unlocked happened to look like a small minion. Collecting enough mushrooms to unlock a new character is painstaking since you might find one every few sections. This means it would probably take you at least an hour or longer just to grab newer skins, and they’re honestly not worth grinding out.
Hop Hop Hop is a fun endless game that tries to do something new with an existing mechanic and does make it more fun than the original, in my opinion. But I didn’t find the rewards to be all that enticing.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Debjyoti Banerjee
Frustratingly challenging...Game gets boring.
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