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Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon
Last Horizon

Review Last Horizon

Brandon Girod
Minimalist graphics fit the great soundtrack, responsive controls, engaging mechanics
Tutorial could be a bit more intuitive
In Last Horizon for Android, you’re a fallen civilization’s last chance at survival. Think Interstellar but way less dramatic. You will guide a ship throughout space in search for planets that you could turn into your new home. You’ll need to manage your fuel and oxygen levels to make sure you’re able to jump from planet to planet and continue your space journey.
This is a game that will briefly explain its mechanics and then feed you straight to the wolves. The first few runs I had ended in me dying in a fiery death. It wasn’t pleasant. In this game, up means progress. You’ll sometimes have to fly diagonally, but don’t make the same mistake I did and immediately fly to the right. There’s nothing there. Fly upwards and you’ll find the first planet you can land on.
The game uses somewhat realistic physics. Each planet has gravity and you’ll need to escape a planet’s gravitational force to leave. Once you’ve left you can use your thrusters sparingly in order to make it to the next planet. Landing is as simple as flying towards a planet and reversing your thrusters to land on flat space. A successful landing will take up a planet’s resources that can be used to fix your ship, refuel and supply you with more oxygen.
There are four maps to play. Three which are the same every time you play and one that provides you with a unique experience each time. The game itself is incredibly beautiful. The minimalist graphics are great to look at and the soundtrack fits right at home.
Last Horizon is a great mobile game that is soothing and fun to play. Outside of my first few failed attempts, my time spent with the game was enjoyable and I highly recommend it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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