Block Battles: Star Guardians
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Block Battles: Star Guardians
Block Battles: Star Guardians
Block Battles: Star Guardians
Block Battles: Star Guardians
Block Battles: Star Guardians
Block Battles: Star Guardians
Block Battles: Star Guardians
Block Battles: Star Guardians

Review Block Battles: Star Guardians

Brandon Girod
Has some good ideas, great graphics
Poor controls, bad matchmaking, not enough players on some maps
Block Battles: Star Guardians for Android is an online multiplayer game that puts you in the middle of a heated death match between four and six other players. It borrows heavily from Halo and Minecraft, two very unlikely matches, and you get the ability to completely customize your character.
Let’s get to the good stuff: the game looks really good for what it is. You get to see the battlefield from an isometric view, but you don’t always have a full view of everything that’s going on. So tense moments can and do still happen. There also seems to be a decently heavy player base - I had no issues jumping into games - and there are a bunch of maps to play through.
Unfortunately, the bad design elements outweigh the good. First off, the controls are really horrid. The game plays like a dual-stick shooter. One stick moves you around while the other shoots in another direction. Ideally, this is great, but the execution is poor. When I would move my thumb to the position that I thought would take me in the direction I needed to go, I’d realize the configuration was off. For instance, if I was stuck against a wall, I’d have to exaggerate my movement on the joystick to get the character where I wanted it to go. Movement is also really sensitive. Getting into a doorway was easily one of the most difficult aspects of the game. It shouldn’t be.
There isn’t a good matchmaking system put in place either. If you go to quick match then you’ll likely get thrown into an empty server. Joining a new server is hit or miss because they only last until about six kills or so. That means you can easily jump into a server where the game is about to end, and it seems like everyone jumps out of the games once they’re done because I’d always respawn in an empty server.
I like what Block Battles: Star Guardians was trying to accomplish, but it definitely doesn’t hit its mark. Controls need to be drastically recalibrated and matchmaking needs a good look over.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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