Mutant Roadkill
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Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill
Mutant Roadkill

Review Mutant Roadkill

Evgenii Kostrov
Mutant Roadkill - this is a great time-killer, it will appeal to all who care about the zombie games like Temple Run. In this game, you're taken to the streets, swarming undead and mutants. Developers from Glu Mobile decided you some pity and prevented them from abandoned cars, the owners of which were probably the ones who crave your flesh and blood. The task of the game one - to go into the streets and push everyone to somehow move.
For each downed a monster you will receive play money, which will be useful to change the car, but the most important thing in the game is not bonuses and money, and the distance you will be able to overcome. At first glance, the game can seem easy and even a little boring, but this view is driven away as soon as you pass the first couple of miles. Early in the game you will crush peaceful zombies roaming the streets and simply unwilling to go your way.
Then there will be more bright dead, over which will loom exclamation marks. They already have the instinct of self-preservation and the desire to satisfy his hunger. These creatures will rush to the car and try to get to the main character through open window. Some of them can be reset on the turns, but then there will be real mutants with iron claws instead of hands. They keep the car so hard that no corners will not help you get rid of them.
For such cases, you can use another method of getting rid of the dead, but it is more extreme. Need to pass very close to an obstacle, in which the car would hit a hanging ghoul. The danger is that in the event of a collision with the obstacle of your car is out of order and the game ends. The difficulty lies in the fact that with every mile of city streets will be more and more inundated with upturned cars and other stuff which you should avoid.
What is the result of collision, described above. Now, about what does this game have to Temple Run ... The fact that the game is done in portrait orientation, and control of the machine is the same as the main character in said game. To bypass the obstacles you have to use the accelerometer, and for turns at intersections - horizontal sliding movement of a finger across the screen.


Upon completion of the level you will be given the results on the distance traveled and the opportunity to win one of the bonuses. The latter can be expressed in monetary terms or as an aid to help destroy the zombies in the next game. Graphics in the game is far from perfect, the music and sound effects are also quite modest, but the gameplay to be so dynamic that you just do not notice these shortcomings.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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