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Nimble Jump
Nimble Jump
Nimble Jump
Nimble Jump
Nimble Jump
Nimble Jump
Nimble Jump
Nimble Jump

Review Nimble Jump

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, fun unlocks, simple controls
The physics feel inconsistent, upgrades are expensive
Falling in line with the 8-bit retro graphics melding together with endless games, Nimble Jump for Android is an endless platformer that sports a cute look, interesting gameplay, and a set of rewards dangling in your face that hopes to bring you back time and time again.
The mechanic behind this game revolves around jumping from one wall to the other. You’ll tackle this task by tapping whichever side of the screen you need to jump to. You can double tap to perform a double jump, too. Of course, jumping from one wall to the other would be too easy, so the game throws in huge buzz saws to help make your journey just a bit more difficult. As you get higher and higher, you’ll notice that the game begins placing saws in random places. Basically, it begins to throw more curve balls at you as you begin to master the game’s mechanics.
You’ll earn coins very, very slowly on your own, but the game will give you free wards in various increments of time, and you can watch videos to earn 20 coins. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to watch five ads to get a new character since it costs 100 coins to unlock something new. The good news is that each character you unlock which change up the look of each level a bit. Not as much as I’ve seen in other games, but enough to keep things interesting.
Nimble Jump is a good endless platformer, but that’s pretty much all it is. It doesn’t bog you down with ads, and it respects your time (for the most part), but the game’s jumping mechanic was a little inconsistent. Sometimes the jump would legitimately jump higher than other times. The gameplay wasn’t really able to rope me in for the long term, either. The game doesn’t evolve over time in the way that it needs to.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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