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Slidy Puzzle Free
Slidy Puzzle Free
Slidy Puzzle Free
Slidy Puzzle Free
Slidy Puzzle Free
Slidy Puzzle Free
Slidy Puzzle Free
Slidy Puzzle Free

Review Slidy Puzzle Free

Brandon Girod
Simple mechanics, short and sweet gameplay, limited ads, free and paid versions
Looks very similar to other games like it
Puzzle games are a dime-a-dozen on mobile platforms, but that’s because it’s easily the best way place for them to be. The problem is finding good puzzle games that are actually fun and worth investing your time in. Slidy Puzzle for Android is one said puzzle game that is challenging and flexible.
Yes, it’s another slide puzzle, but that’s okay because sliding is probably one of the most satisfying gestures you can make on your phone. The mechanics are pretty easy to understand, too. You have a grid with colored tiles randomly placed. Above that grid is another grid with the same tiles arranged a certain way. You want to get your grid to match the grid above you.
Solving the puzzle is usually pretty easy. Sometimes it might take you a few tries to figure it out, but they’re usually not overly complicated. But the game knows this, so it challenges you by forcing you to solve the puzzle in just a few seconds and within a certain amount of moves.
The game is further split up into various difficulties. So you’ll start off with the tutorial missions and then graduate on to the easy levels, medium levels, and hard levels. There are a good amount in each category, so if you’re having fun with the game, you won’t be short on content.
Slidy Puzzle is a simple and fun puzzle game that you can pull out and play anywhere. It emphasizes short and sweet gameplay, which is perfect. Don’t give this one a second thought, just go download it!

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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