A Dark Dragon
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A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon
A Dark Dragon

Review A Dark Dragon

Brandon Girod
Intriguing premise, lots to do, no ads
Story is poorly translated, the ui isn't super intuitive, no tooltips
If you're a fan of roleplaying and adventure games, but don't mind being in direct control of everything then A Dark Dragon for Android might be exactly what you're looking for. It's a text adventure game that requires you to build up and village so you can survive, and eventually go out and explore the dark land to uncover all of its secrets.
Text adventures aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. With amazing graphics being the norm, why would you ever want a game that is brought to life with words rather than images? Well, this game actually has both, though the visuals are limited. When you jump into the app, you’re given a brief explanation of what’s going on in the world.
When things first get started there is very little to do. The game uses text to give you context, though you can immediately tell the developer wrote the story up himself and doesn’t speak English very well. Still, it’s passable. You’ll stoke your fire to provide yourself warmth to get started and then you’ll soon stumble across a builder to help you get your village started.
In order to build things you’ll need to gather wood. Performing actions like checking traps, gathering wood, and stoking the fire are done by pressing a corresponding button. You’ll gain the resources immediately, but it takes several seconds for the button to cooldown. New buildings and actions automatically pop up as you progress through the game, and eventually you’ll find yourself fighting monsters, gathering loot, and discovering a dragon.
I’ll be honest, though. The $2 price tag on A Dark Dragon is going to be steep for most people. The biggest selling point is that the game is totally ad-free. For fans of games like these, it’s totally worth it. For anyone else, I’d recommend you check it out within the refund window to see if you like it. What’s there is great, but it’s only going to appeal to the right kind of person.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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