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Happy Fall
Happy Fall
Happy Fall
Happy Fall
Happy Fall
Happy Fall
Happy Fall

Review Happy Fall

Sergei Petrov
Happy Fall - it's simple and fun arcade game for Android, which is a sequel Happy Jump , where we helped a small piece of iron to get as high as possible. In this game the main character seems to have found what he was looking, but now he must also quickly come down. Help?
Engaged in application development studio Noodlecake, which consistently pleases us very interesting and fresh in terms of gameplay hits. From the last game we can remember Zombie Road Trip and the League of Evil .


The concept of the game is quite simple: we have to go down quickly, making his way through the floors with small passages. We can move left and right by tilting the device. If you get to the edge, then we appear on the other hand, such a deceptive maneuver is very useful.
Just as in the previous game, will prevent our descent numerous flies that can eat us and complete our adventure. In the course of descent are encouraged to collect coins, which can then be spent on improvements and the purchase of new characters.
In the course of the descent we will fall the berries, which are eating, we get a few seconds of invulnerability and a small bonus to movement. Also, sometimes we will come across some letters, and if they gather a few pieces, we'll get a bonus - for a few seconds will plummet down.
The whole game is accompanied by a variety of mini-tasks, for which we will receive additional money and bonus bomb. To activate them, simply click on it, and all the flies fly away in fear.

Happy Fall Features for Android:

  • Colorful graphics;
  • Easy management;
  • Collecting coins, letters, and fruit;
  • Purchase bonuses and new heroes.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed quite annoying ads at the bottom, which is eaten off quite a decent amount of precious space and prevents focus on the process. Also, many of the game may seem monotonous. In principle, it is, but here and do not expect anything special, it is the most common time killer for short gaming sessions.
Summary. Happy Fall - the average quality arcade game for Android, which can play a bit and remove, if you do not like it, because it is completely free. No point in the game do not like the story, but the process drags, and greater demand is not necessary.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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Woa.........! Happy fall game is an excellant game 8-)
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