Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
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Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
Umbrella Jump : Platform Run
Umbrella Jump : Platform Run

Review Umbrella Jump : Platform Run

Brandon Girod
Fun mechanics, unique level design
Controls could be better, ads are annoying
Life would be a lot more fun if umbrellas worked the same way they do in cartoons or video games. In Umbrella Jump for Android, you play as a character who can basically fly around with an umbrella all over the place. It's an endless runner that feels almost like an endless platformer, which is admittedly a much cooler premise than dodging things on a straight plain.
In this game, you'll play with an avatar that can be swapped out with various skins you'll unlock as you play. Levels aren't procedurally generated and the game technically isn't endless even though it feels like it might be. You'll need to really master the game's jumping mechanics to make it through each level because the game is tough right off the bat.
You have four stars you'll be tasked with collecting in each level, obstacles to avoid, platforms to jump on, and dangers to glide through. Transitioning between gliding and running is a bit awkward, however. You can force yourself to end a jump early if you bring out your umbrella and put it away, which requires double tapping after you jump. But tapping to jump and then holding will bring out the umbrella so you can glide. What's tricky is that your reflexes can and will get the better of you at times. I'm not sure I would have liked a separate umbrella button, but it might have made things slightly less confusing for my mind.
The skins you unlock were all pretty cool, and I never felt like I was grinding away to unlock them. And level design feels unique enough that I didn't care too much about every asset needing to look different. With that said, I'm sure 40 levels in, things will begin to feel old.
Umbrella Jump takes a fun mechanic and runs with it. Or should I say glides with it? Either way, the game's main mechanic brings a lot of depth to the table that many other "endless" games or games like it really lacks. Unlocks are earned by beating levels rather than collecting coins, so the player is free to just play the game.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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