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Robot Runner
Robot Runner
Robot Runner
Robot Runner
Robot Runner
Robot Runner
Robot Runner
Robot Runner

Review Robot Runner

Brandon Girod
Wonderfully engaging, unique gameplay, fast-paced
Rewards would be nice
Stompy for Android is a really great and fun action puzzle game that requires you to think quick on your feet in order to complete each puzzle. Perhaps one of the best things about the game is its ability to cater to perfectionists and casual players alike.
Starting the game throws you into a series of levels that teach you how to play the game. This works really well because you're not necessarily thrown into a tutorial level, you're just taught the game as you play naturally. The idea is that your character can't really do anything except walk in a straight line. The problem is that your path is usually obstructed by several objects. Getting rid of these just requires you to tap on the objects in the way. The game starts off simple at first, but you'll soon be introduced to more complicated blocks.
Obviously, completing the level is the primary objective, but the game also tries to challenge you by setting a number of "moves" you should complete a level in. Hitting this number means you've made perfect choices along the way, but this is difficult because as you go through the more difficult levels, you'll soon find that choosing the best way to solve the puzzles in front of you isn't always your first instinct. Let's say you have a stack of three blocks in your way. The top and bottom blocks can be dealt with with one tap, but the middle block takes two. Ideally, you'd want to tap the top and bottom blocks because that only uses two moves rather than using three to take care of the middle and top block. If that's the only pillar in your way then you'd probably instantly recognize this. But if it's in the middle of several other pillars similar then your mental lag might not.
Stompy doesn't try to distract the player with shiny rewards or intrusive ads. The game is incredibly straightforward, which is nice. And I think the gameplay stands up for itself. It becomes increasingly more difficult, but at a pace easily manageable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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