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Review EcoDriver

Brandon Girod
Beautiful graphics and aesthetic, fun driving mechanics, doesn't ask you to buy things
No rewards
I really don’t like endless games. I want games to have an end. I want there to be an ultimate goal. EcoDriver for Android is the first endless game that told me having a goal isn’t necessary to have fun. This is a game that will test your driving abilities by challenging you to drive safely, economically, and environmentally. If all of those things sound boring, you’re wrong.
The art of driving economically are sort of lost in today’s world, especially depending on where you live. Your driving habits are usually dictated by the will of the traffic that surrounds you. This game lets you drive around on mostly empty roads, focusing mainly on the game’s driving mechanics. There is a built in shifter and an RPM meter that lets you know when it’s a good idea to shift.
On the RPM meter is a green stretch that shows you the perfect time to switch gears. You’ll need to pick up money along the way so you can glide through gas stations and fill your tank up with gas. Controlling your car, stopping for traffic and trains, and driving with traffic aren’t the most difficult part of the game, it’s managing your fuel without a way to actually measure how much you have.
The art style and overall feel of the game is what really cemented my opinion of this game, however. It reminds me very much of a game called Cities: Skylines, not in content, but in the design of the vehicles and roads.
EcoDriver is missing a chance to offer some great rewards, but the gameplay is absolutely fantastic. It’s an endless game, but I never ever felt like the game was asking me to buy anything to get further.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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