Heroes Reborn: Enigma
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Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Review Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Brandon Girod
Really great graphics, interesting powers
Borrows too heavily from Portal, touch controls aren't great
Heroes Reborn: Enigma is an interesting first-person puzzle game that reminds me an awful lot of a PC game called Portal. Portal is a really cool puzzle game involving the clever use of portals and this one is great looking game that involves the use of telekinesis and time manipulation powers. Unfortunately for it, it borrows just a bit too much from Portal.
If you have a PC, I preface this by saying you should go and play through Portal, because that’s really what this game made me want to do. You go from room to room as you try and solve puzzles, biding your time until you can escape with your sister. None of the characters have very much personality, however, and I never felt like I really cared much about what was going on between any of the characters.
The game’s mechanics are also not quite as interesting. In Portal, you’re trying to move a box through portals, which is awesome. This game just has you slowing or speeding up time and using awkward controls to try and throw knockoff companion cubes around a room to unlock the next stage. Levels are also incredibly reminiscent of Portal. Right down to some of the rooms that look like they were blown apart by some kind of massive bomb.
Heroes Reborn: Enigma does have some good puzzles, but the mechanics sort of inherently make them easier to solve than the likes of Portal. I know, I know, it’s hard to make a direct comparison because one is a phone game and the other is one of the best made puzzle games for PC to date, but I digress. For a mobile game, this ain’t too bad.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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