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DefCom TD
DefCom TD
DefCom TD
DefCom TD
DefCom TD
DefCom TD
DefCom TD

Review DefCom TD

Brandon Girod
Interesting mix of gameplay mechanics, unique gameplay
Boring aesthetic, slightly imbalanced
DefCom TD for Android is a tower defense game that combines a lot of different gameplay mechanics to create a somewhat unique tower defense gameplay experience. It incorporates base building, survival and resource management mechanics that you’ll need to master in order to survive.
The tutorial in this game is extremely brief, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s a simple enough game to get started. You’ll build a few towers, collect oil to get money, and you’ll need to protect your base. There are a few concepts that the game doesn’t really explain to you, however. For instance, you need to place your oil towers on plots of oil. Your oil also runs out which means you’re forced to build outside of your base in order to survive.
The entire time I played this game, I never found myself in a “safe” situation because you’re constantly running out of money. Ultimately, this lead to an experience that was less than fun. Some of the best parts about tower defense games is building the perfect strategy, but that doesn’t exist in this game. Eventually you’ll run out of money which means you won’t be able to repair your turrets, so they’ll go down. Everything in this game is extremely resource driven.
DefCom TD has a lot of really great ideas that I can appreciate, but I feel like there are certain aspects of the game that really need to be tweaked in order to offer a solid experience for the player. As it stands, the game is frustrating and even a little bit boring because of the lack of tower and enemy variation.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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