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Review MyNBA2K16

Brandon Girod
Extremely quick gameplay, hilarious animations, tons of progression
The game is slow to start, graphics don't look updated from last year
There was a wrestling card game that I got kind of obsessed with for a while that was made by 2K games. I knew it was based on a similar basketball card game but I didn’t realize MyNBA2K16 for Android was the game it was based on. If it wasn’t for the subject being basketball, I would have loved this game. As it stands, it’s still a really great game, just not the one I’d pick.
This is a card game where you collect a hand of cards to build up a team with. It’s sort of a hilarious game to watch because when you play matches against other players you see the physical cards actually playing basketball. So watching Kobe Bryant dribbled a ball down the court and then slam dunk it as a card is hilarious.
Cards will level up their stats as you play and you can feed duplicate cards to each other in order to make their stats better. Cards come in different tiers, and normal cards will never really reach the same potential as an uncommon card, and usually rare cards blow everything else out of the water even at level one.
The gameplay is really addictive because matches are so simple and fast. You’ll match your cards up against other players’ cards and the match is determined by what type of card you played against the scenario and how your cards’ stats compare to the enemy’s. You can blow through a full match in almost seconds, and since you win new cards after every match, you’re literally always getting stuff.
MyNBA2K16 has the carrot on the stick feeling down and it manages to respect the player’s time while doing it. If you’re a basketball fan, or even marginally interested, you should pick this game up.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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