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Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly
Green Jelly

Review Green Jelly

Sergei Blyudov
Green Jelly - this is an interesting arcade puzzle game for Android, which combines the best elements of such masterpieces as Cut The Rope , Angry Birds SW and Snark Dash . It is similar to all the games at once, and thus very different, both in terms of ideas and implementation.
Engaged in developing a game studio G5 Entertainment, which can be called the creator of the best quests for mobile platforms. Popular games such as Lost Souls , Dark Arcana are known to everyone who applies heat to quests and games in the genre of "hidden object".
The game's plot develops in a fantasy world where a large piece of green jelly nearing the fridge and finds that it is empty. Even domestic rat gathered to hang on the rope, so as not to die of starvation. Our goal is to help build a piece of jelly food and bring it home.


90% of the success of Green Jelly - this game mechanics. We suspect what inspired the developers, but to put as many game elements into one game - this is something new. Our main character is able to jump in and take off like a slingshot, if its delay. Can stretch and cling for multiple poles.
Control of the game is very simple and intuitive: to run a piece of iron in the air, it must be pulled in the opposite direction, and we will see the flight path. Also, if you are near support, you can pull the jelly to the support, and then we can hold on to two things at once. To disconnect from the support, enough to cut the gesture communication (arm or leg).
Levels in the game very much, and the transition between chapters adds new elements, such as springs, teleporters, knives and so on. Game just can not be called easy, it is more complicated than Cut The Rope, but it happened quite quickly.

Features Green Jelly for Android:

  • Colorful HD-graphics;
  • Bright main character and plot a series of comics;
  • Set of 60 exciting levels in three locations (+ promise update);
  • More than 10 varieties of interactive objects;
  • The presence of achievement;
  • Pleasant soundtrack.
The disadvantages of the game include low sensitivity control. Very often a game instead of a single action, counts more (wanted to run a piece of jelly, and eventually cut it.) This problem is increasingly focusing on smartphones, tablets to play a much more comfortable.
Summary. Green Jelly - this is a very high quality and interesting arcade game for Android, which may not look as stylish as the aforementioned games, but at least the game is also interesting. The game is available for free to the first 10 levels for your reference. Complete the game is purchased directly within the application.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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