Jack Vs Ninjas
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Jack Vs Ninjas
Jack Vs Ninjas
Jack Vs Ninjas
Jack Vs Ninjas
Jack Vs Ninjas
Jack Vs Ninjas

Review Jack Vs Ninjas

Sergei Petrov
Jack Vs Ninjas - is an exciting action game for Android-devices, in which we will play for a 10-year-old boy Jack, who fights in his fantasies against the evil ninjas with laser guns.
Developers from the studio Wales Interactive decided to unite in a single game genre Runner, where you have to constantly be in motion (visual representative - Temple Run 2), and a simple shooter.


The main character, Jack will always run, and our task - to send his gun and kill quickly jumping from different sides ninja. Some enemies will climb out of manholes and trees, they need to jump over.
Control of the game is simple: to aim and shot, press on any point on the right side of the screen, and to jump - from the left. During the game we have to shoot a ninja jump hatches and trees, and to collect various bonuses and amplifiers.
Initially, we are given three lives. Each encounter with the enemy takes half of life, they can be restored by finding heart on the map. Game bonuses hidden in the tin can, there is acceleration, call the dog, destroying laser.
After about 30-40 seconds of the game begins the first battle with the boss, a huge, heavily armed panda green rays shooting and throwing grenades at his feet. Here we have to dodge projectiles (jump them) and shoot out of their way to the panda. After passing the boss starts the second, more complex level in the same scenery.

Features Jack Vs Ninjas for Android:

  • Colorful graphics engine to Unity;
  • Easy and intuitive;
  • 4 types of amplifiers;
  • Unique soundtrack.
Disadvantages include the almost complete lack of variety in the gameplay. The developers claim that they will do in the near future new levels, characters, and amplifiers. I'd like to believe it, but while the game will fit except as a 15-minute entertainment while waiting for the queue.
Summary. Jack Vs Ninjas - this is a very simple and beautiful shooter for Android, a fully distributed free of charge. Developers have good potential and we look forward to a full game with levels, storyline and varied game design.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 4/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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