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  • Staying Together
    Staying Together
    Naquatic LLC
    Staying Together for Android is a very charming puzzle game that features dozens of levels. In this game, you take control of two lovers who want nothing more than to be together. The only trouble is that there is a strange force keeping them apart.
    Ollie Green – 10/10
  • STRIKERS 1945-3
    STRIKERS 1945-3
    Scrolling shooters have always been one of my favorite genres, even though I haven’t actually spent a whole lotta time with them. It’s a genre I never really became interesting in until they had kinda fallen out of style. That’s why I’m glad to see games like ...
    Brandon Girod – 9.7/10
  • Keep Shopping from Keep.com
    Keep Shopping from Keep.com
    Have you ever found yourself in the awful predicament where you’ve got several items you want to purchase, but don’t want to have to go through the checkout process in each store? What if you had an app that would act like a universal shopping cart for all of ...
    Brandon Girod – 9.6/10
  • STRIKERS 1945-2
    STRIKERS 1945-2
    World War II was a pretty scary time for everyone involved. I think that’s something we can all safely agree on. On the plus side, it paved the way for some of the greatest video games to ever come out. Strikers 1945-2 for Android is an old school top-down sho...
    Brandon Girod – 9.4/10
  • Wonder Wool
    Wonder Wool
    Have you ever wondered whether you'd like to herd sheep for a living? It's an odd thought, but playing Wonder Wool for Android gives us the impression that it's pretty fun, especially when there are giants involved. This game features an awesome...
    Ollie Green – 9.7/10
  • Hydro Coach - drink water
    Hydro Coach - drink water
    Codium App Ideas
    Most people who already drink a healthy amount of water each day don’t really need a reminder to drink it. Hydro Coach for Android is an app intended to help make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day. It takes you through a simple setup process ...
    Brandon Girod – 9.0/10
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New on the website
  • Stickman Tennis 2015
    Stickman Tennis 2015
    A frustrating tennis experience with some surprising depth
  • Jewel Mash
    Jewel Mash
    Unoriginal match three with nice graphics
  • Overkill 3
    Overkill 3
    Great third person on-the-rails shooter
  • Angel Avenger Free
    Angel Avenger Free
    Action packed top down combat arena
  • RaidHunter
    A random loot based RPG
  • MATE Free
    MATE Free
    An endless runner that feels a lot like a roller coaster ride
  • UFB 2 - Ultimate Fighting Bros
    UFB 2 - Ultimate Fighting Bros
    A simple arcade fighting game
  • Frisbee(R) Forever 2
    Frisbee(R) Forever 2
    A Frisbee game that's actually fun to play
  • Panda Pop
    Panda Pop
    A family friendly throwback bubble game
  • Make action. PicoPicoMaker+
    Make action. PicoPicoMaker+
    Great level editor, but not a good platformer
  • Atomic Runner
    Atomic Runner
    A very difficult endless runner/platformer
  • Jump
    A really fun puzzle platformer
  • Fanuts Fantasy Football
    Fanuts Fantasy Football
    Great idea. Not so great execution.
  • Royal Protectors
    Royal Protectors
    One of the worst tower defense games I've played in recent memory
  • Chrooma
    A beautifully designed puzzle game
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