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App4Smart lets you quickly view and find the best apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. For each app, we write a review and objectively rate it on a ten point scale. Also, we create collections to help you choose the right apps or games among many peers.
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  • The Wolf Among Us
    The Wolf Among Us
    Telltale Games
    The Wolf Among Us for Android is a wonderfully lively game with premium graphics and amazing story elements. The company behind the game is TellTale games, and they created the popular and successful Walking Dead interactive story games. The Wolf Among Us just...
    Kevin Vadala – 10/10
  • Botanicula
    Amanita Design
    Botanicula for Android is a beautifully visual game of flora and originality, offering an adventure quest starring a ragtag band of insects. Search the shrubbery for clues and save the day, cuz that's just what bugs do. This one is suitable for players of...
    Jay Feldman – 10/10
  • FotoSwipe
    FotoSwipe, Inc.
    FotoSwipe for Android is an app that lets you magically swipe your photos between devices, without any of the faff of SD cards, email, Dropbox or instant messaging that would normally be involved.
    Tariq Abdulla – 9.0/10
  • Google Fit
    Google Fit
    Google Inc.
    Google Fit for Android automatically tracks your walking, cycling and running. Just keep it on in the background, and use information from approximate changes in your position and your accelerator, and clever machine learning, to automatically figure out how y...
    Tariq Abdulla – 8.4/10
  • Clash of Gangs
    Clash of Gangs
    Clash of Gangs for Android is a tactical combat game where you build up an army of thugs and violent criminals and send them on missions to attack and destroy other hoods. These can be actual bases developed by other players, or they can be part of the linear ...
    Tariq Abdulla – 8.7/10
  • Hellraid: The Escape
    Hellraid: The Escape
    Shortbreak Studios s.c.
    Hellraid: The Escape for Android is one of the most amazing, immersive and challenging action adventure games out there. The Unreal engine that the game is based on allows for a combination of awesome graphics, fluid third person controls and even a decent phy...
    Vlad Popa – 8.9/10
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New on the website
  • We Heart It
    We Heart It
    Social picture app that feels like Pinterest
  • Plex for Android
    Plex for Android
    Great app that requires plex pass
  • PBR: Raging Bulls
    PBR: Raging Bulls
    Don't fall asleep on the bull
  • Diner Dash
    Diner Dash
    Dash through the diner but don't trip!
  • FarmVille 2: Country Escape
    FarmVille 2: Country Escape
    Welcome back to the farm!
  • Divine Might
    Divine Might
    Multiplayer game with simple combat comes to Android
  • The Wolf Among Us
    The Wolf Among Us
    Premium game with creative story comes to mobile platforms
  • Obslashin
    Dungeon game with mobile limitations
  • Botanicula
    Strange bugs set out on a playful, fantasy quest
  • FotoSwipe
    Magically transfer photos between devices
  • Google Fit
    Google Fit
    Track running, cycling and walking automatically with a daily goal
  • 8bit Doves
    8bit Doves
    Frustrating dot-matrix flying game
  • StickIt!
    Create crazy and fun stickers for your pictures
  • Gods Rush
    Gods Rush
    Band together to rescue the Gods!
  • Soccer Runner: Football rush!
    Soccer Runner: Football rush!
    Endless runner for football fans
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