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Editor's Choice
  • DigRun
    DigRun for Android is easily the most unique match-three game I’ve played in a while, and it’s the first to actually change up the main mechanic of the genre. The beautiful artwork and fun theme also adds a lot to making the game feel unique and fresh.
    Brandon Girod – 9.6/10
  • Orby's adventure
    Orby's adventure
    Slava Korzun
    More often than not, an endless runner is interchangeable with about a thousand other games just like it. Orby’s Adventure for Android is a great exception, though. The gameplay and aesthetic all mix together in an interesting way that makes the game not only ...
    Brandon Girod – 9.4/10
  • B&H Photo Video Pro Audio
    B&H Photo Video Pro Audio
    B&H Photo Video
    B&H Photo Video Pro Audio has been around for decades, and a long standing go-to shopping destination for anyone in need of quality pro gear. This iconic shop has long since expanded its appeal to offer consumer electronics and gadgets, and is sort of a mo...
    Jay Feldman – 10/10
  • Joe Danger
    Joe Danger
    Hello Games Ltd
    Joe Danger is a motorcycle stunt game with a clumsy Evel Knievel type trying to jump off ramps, soar over obstacles, take loop-de-loops, and collect various power ups along the way for good measure. This one plays like a retro arcade classic and I would defini...
    Jay Feldman – 8.9/10
  • Nitro Nation Stories
    Nitro Nation Stories
    Creative Mobile
    I love a good racing game as much as the next guy, but I'm on the fence with Nitro Nation Stories. On one hand, the racing is quite good, but the text based plot is cringeworthily bad and cheesy enough to make me feel lactose intolerant. You deliver a &qu...
    Jay Feldman – 8.2/10
  • Call Of Battlefield:Online FPS
    Call Of Battlefield:Online FPS
    If you throw a stick, you'll hit a zombie app, and today, my stick hit Call Of Battlefield:Online FPS for Android. There's virtually nothing that sets this game apart from the rest, however, the play is engaging and modestly entertaining, for another...
    Jay Feldman – 8.4/10
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