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App4Smart lets you quickly find and check out the best apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. We write a review for each app, and rate it objectively on a 10 point scale. We also create collections of interesting apps to help you choose the best ones from many close competitors.
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Editor's Choice
  • Does not Commute
    Does not Commute
    When you’re sitting in traffic it’s the most uninteresting thing in the world. However, being a witness to traffic is infinitely more interesting. Does Not Commute for Android is a game that actually wants you to create traffic, and in incredibly interesting w...
    Brandon Girod – 9.7/10
  • Star Wars Rebels: Missions
    Star Wars Rebels: Missions
    Star Wars Rebels: Missions for Android is an action platformer that features exciting combat based on Disney’s new Star Wars show, Star Wars: Rebels. It let’s you play as the show’s main three characters as you take on hordes of enemies and rescue fellow citiz...
    Brandon Girod – 9.5/10
  • Card of Legends:Random Defense
    Card of Legends:Random Defense
    Here is a game that I have to applaud for its unique gameplay. When I first jumped into Card of Legends: Random Defense I was expecting just another tower defense game, but what I got was a defense game that gives the player an opportunity to defend by buildin...
    Brandon Girod – 9.4/10
    Electronic Arts
    I’ll preface this by saying that I’m in no way a fan of UFC. Something about two guys fooling around in their underwear just isn’t that appeal for me to watch, but EA Sports UFC for Android is a genuinely fun game to play regardless. You’ll go from fight to fi...
    Brandon Girod – 9.7/10
  • Implosion - Never Lose Hope
    Implosion - Never Lose Hope
    Rayark Inc.
    Implosion - Never Lose Hope for Android is a game that touts itself as a AAA experience on a mobile device. And I can agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. It’s one of the only mobile games I’ve played that has blown me away in terms of graphical fidelity,...
    Brandon Girod – 9.9/10
  • Forest: Stay focused
    Forest: Stay focused
    Web browsers have extensions what will limit Web functionality in order to help you work without distractions but phone have never really had anything that really compared. Forest: Stay Focused is the first app I've seen that really tackles this problem a...
    Brandon Girod – 9.6/10
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New on the website
  • Marble Heroes
    Marble Heroes
    An excellent take on the tired mobile RPG genre
  • Ninja Revenge
    Ninja Revenge
    An engaging endless runner featuring awesome ninjas
  • Wild Wheels
    Wild Wheels
    Race against the clock in this arcade racer
  • Does not Commute
    Does not Commute
    One of the most unique "racing" games I've ever played
  • Beatdown!
    One of the best beat'em ups on the platform
  • 10 Million Zombies
    10 Million Zombies
    A defense game that borrows heavily from games in the past
  • Pinball Sniper
    Pinball Sniper
    A unique take on an old classic
  • Must Deliver
    Must Deliver
    An imbalanced endless runner wrapped in pretty packaging
  • Wrassling
    One of the most entertaining mobile games to date
  • EggPunch II
    EggPunch II
    A cleverly hidden putt-putt game
  • Star Wars Rebels: Missions
    Star Wars Rebels: Missions
    An incredible action platformer set in the Star Wars universe
  • Card of Legends:Random Defense
    Card of Legends:Random Defense
    A very unique "tower" defense game
  • Galaxy Cannon Rider
    Galaxy Cannon Rider
    Blast your way from start to finish
  • Master of Cards
    Master of Cards
    An excellent mobile card game
  • Crafters of War
    Crafters of War
    An attack/defend game with a unique unit creation mechanic
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