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App4Smart lets you quickly find and check out the best apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. We write a review for each app, and rate it objectively on a 10 point scale. We also create collections of interesting apps to help you choose the best ones from many close competitors.
Editor's Choice
  • Neon Chrome
    Neon Chrome
    10tons Ltd
    Twin-stick shooter fans rejoice, there is finally a game you can sink your teeth into. Neon Chrome for Android is an action game that combines elements from roguelikes and dual-stick shooters to create a really unique experience - especially one on mobile plat...
    Brandon Girod – 9.4/10
  • Scalak
    Hamster On Coke Games
    The developer that brought you PUSH, Zenge and Art Of Gravity, is back with a new game. Scalak for Android is a brand new puzzle game that will have you matching shapes, finding patterns, rotating things, using spatial awareness and harnessing your critical th...
    Brandon Girod – 8.8/10
  • The Room: Old Sins
    The Room: Old Sins
    Fireproof Games
    If you’ve been playing games on a cell phone for any number of years, you’ve likely ran into games from The Room series. If you’re a fan of the series, you probably remember the dramatic shift the third game took compared to its predecessors. Well, good news. ...
    Brandon Girod – 9.7/10
  • Lichtspeer
    Noodlecake Studios Inc
    Do you like chucking javelins? If your answer is no, why are you even reading this? Lichtspeer for Android is a game where you chuck spears at the undead like it’s your job. If your job is to stay alive, that is.
    Brandon Girod – 9.4/10
  • Monument Valley 2
    Monument Valley 2
    ustwo games
    Monument Valley is more than just a game at this point. Monument Valley is an aesthetic. I remember looking at phone themes and seeing people throw up wallpapers of its levels. It’s a really good game, too, and its sequel, Monument Valley 2 for Android, is a c...
    Brandon Girod – 9.6/10
  • Brew Town
    Brew Town
    AppBox Media
    These days it feels pretty rare to really get wrapped up in a mobile game that borrows heavily from game genres that already exist. Typically, we’ll see the same tired formula regurgutated a million times in a row with little to no thought, but Brew Town for A...
    Brandon Girod – 9.7/10
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New on the website
  • Ghost Pop!
    Ghost Pop!
    How many ghosts can you pop?
  • Epic Skater 2
    Epic Skater 2
    A Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-inspired skate game
  • Horizon
    Maneuver through the unpredictable world of Horizon
  • Runaway Toad
    Runaway Toad
    Help the toad runaway!
  • Flick Arena
    Flick Arena
    How long will you last in the Flick Arena?
  • Neon Chrome
    Neon Chrome
    Defeat the Overseer
  • Merge Town!
    Merge Town!
    How big is your town?
  • Perspecto
    Challenge your perspective
  • Deep Space | Space-Platformer
    Deep Space | Space-Platformer
    A frustrating experience in deep space
    Connect the dots!
  • Scalak
    Fit the pieces together
  • The Room: Old Sins
    The Room: Old Sins
    The Room comes home
  • Snake Towers
    Snake Towers
    It's Snake 2.0
  • Lichtspeer
    Throw thy spear true
  • Umiro
    Draw your way to victory
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