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App4Smart lets you quickly view and find the best apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. For each app, we write a review and objectively rate it on a ten point scale. Also, we create collections to help you choose the right apps or games among many peers.
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  • Surgeon Simulator
    Surgeon Simulator
    Bossa Studios Ltd
    At some point or another everyone has fantasized about becoming a doctor and having a patient’s life and wellbeing depend on them. Surgeon Simulator offers users this opportunity through an awesome 3D simulator game that does a great job at recreating the expe...
    Vlad Popa – 8.8/10
  • HelloTalk Language Exchange
    HelloTalk Language Exchange
    HelloTalk Learn Languages App
    HelloTalk for Android is a social language learning app that puts you in a pool based on your preferences - from there, you can chat with other users and learn a language in the best way possible, through social interaction!
    Kevin Vadala – 9.3/10
  • Mint.com Personal Finance
    Mint.com Personal Finance
    Intuit Inc
    Mint for Android is a powerful application that tracks your expenses from multiple bank accounts, creates budgets, provides you with a free credit score, and it creates great charts that display your spending history.
    Kevin Vadala – 8.6/10
    QK Labs
    QKSMS for Android is a simplistic texting application that has paved the way for great looking texting on Android devices. It first came out awhile ago, and I was lucky enough to help test it in Beta before it was released. The basic function of the app feels ...
    Kevin Vadala – 10/10
  • Loop Pads 24
    Loop Pads 24
    Paul Lipnyagov
    Loop Pads 24 for Android is a music application that lets you play loops by pushing on colored square buttons. The app is perfect for playing live mixes for parties or other events. It's also just fun to mess around with, because you can record your loops...
    Kevin Vadala – 8.0/10
  • Speed Holic 3D
    Speed Holic 3D
    Speed Holic 3D for Android is a fast paced musical ride-the-trail as long as you can type of game. In the game, you move your little dot alongside a corridor that constantly shifts, swerves, and tries to get you to fall off or run into the side of it. The cont...
    Kevin Vadala – 8.0/10
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