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  • Syberia 2
    Syberia 2
    Syberia 2 for Android is an immersive escape the room sorta game with a fully realized plot and cool graphics. Help Kate Walker on the next chapter of this epic adventure, searching Europe and an array of stunning locales on her quest for the truth. This one i...
    Jay Feldman – 9.5/10
  • Beatport
    Beatport | An SFX Entertainment Company
    Beatport for Android is an interesting app that's set on delivering you all the latest in electronic music from around the globe. Listen to tracks, discover artists and even buy tickets to live performances happening in your area. This one has a little so...
    Jay Feldman – 8.9/10
  • Swords & Poker Adventures
    Swords & Poker Adventures
    Swords & Poker Adventures for Android is an innovative new way to play poker, adding RPG mechanics to up the play and enjoyment. Go head to head with turn by turn mechanics to battle enemies with winning poker hands. This one is original and fun.
    Jay Feldman – 9.0/10
  • Wallpaper Changer
    Wallpaper Changer
    Wallpaper Changer for Android wants to help you spice up your gizmo by automatically changing your wallpaper for you at set intervals. If you're the type who gets bored easily, or perhaps miss the slideshow feature of your Windows computer, then this app ...
    Jay Feldman – 8.9/10
  • TeamViewer for Meetings
    TeamViewer for Meetings
    TeamViewer for Meetings for Android wants to help you be more productive via remote video meetings. Create and access private meetings for work or leisure. This one is easy to set up and use and ideal for entrepreneurs on the go or anyone who needs to be some...
    Jay Feldman – 9.6/10
  • Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
    Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
    Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars for Android is a fairly cookie cutter sim combat game that takes place in a mythic kingdom that you have to build and evolve. The play is rather predictable but the graphics look great. If sim combat is your game then this one is cert...
    Jay Feldman – 9.0/10
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