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  • Wave Launcher
    Wave Launcher
    Wave Launcher is a really cool application launcher that you can tweak and customize to your exacting standards. Why is it called Wave Launcher? Because all the apps you add to this short list, will appear on a horizontally flowing wave the moves and undulates...
    Jay Feldman – 9.3/10
  • Dragon Hills
    Dragon Hills
    Rebel Twins
    Dragon Hills is a simple and addictive platformer style game that has you riding a serpentine fire breathing dragon into hillsides and burrowing underground, only to surface beneath structures, castles and flailing citizens who get gobbled up, or destroyed in ...
    Jay Feldman – 8.9/10
  • Dr. Rocket
    Dr. Rocket
    SUD Inc.
    Dr. Rocket is a cool replay game that has you flying an itty bitty rocket through a series of slalom courses laden with geometric shapes. Sometimes you're zigzagging between squares, other times, stars, triangles or spires, but no matter the shapes and hu...
    Jay Feldman – 8.5/10
  • Seene
    Seene is a super cool 3D rendering app that makes it easy for you to create some truly stunning 3D images that respond to your gizmo's accelerometer. The process is actually quite fast and easy, assuring anyone can have fun with this app, regardless of y...
    Jay Feldman – 9.0/10
  • Driver Speedboat Paradise
    Driver Speedboat Paradise
    Ubisoft Entertainment
    If you love need for speed driving games, then here's one that takes all that action and gear grinding and plops it into the open waters. Driver Speedboat Paradise is a jet ski racing game with loads of tracks to unlock and try, and naturally, copious upg...
    Jay Feldman – 9.0/10
  • Borderline - Life on the Line
    Borderline - Life on the Line
    If you're into replay games that are actually playable while remaining challenging, then perhaps you'll love Borderline - Life on the Line. This is a vertically scrolling replay game that follows a pixel ball through its travels along a long and wind...
    Jay Feldman – 8.7/10
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