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  • Microsoft Word Preview
    Microsoft Word Preview
    Microsoft Corporation
    Microsoft Word Preview for Android is truly a must-have app for anyone who needs to create dynamic documents and letters. This one has a lot to offer, and to me, comes closest of all the Microsoft Office apps to mimicking a seamless presentation between the de...
    Jay Feldman – 9.6/10
  • Trucksform
    Trucksform is an interesting physics based racing game where you're actually racing against the game’s clock and the terrain. Level design is based on the Trials fusion games where you’ve got a lot of bumpy terrain and huge jumps that require you to balan...
    Brandon Girod – 9.3/10
  • Dungeon Link
    Dungeon Link
    GAMEVIL Inc.
    Typically big developers, in the mobile market, are the ones that set bad examples by pushing out high quality, but bad, games. Okay, maybe it’s not just the mobile market, but still. That said, Dungeon Link for Android is a puzzle RPG that pretty much blew my...
    Brandon Girod – 9.3/10
  • The Meego
    The Meego
    A Thinking Ape, Inc.
    I’ve become pretty disenfranchised with city builders lately because each entry seems so formulaic that it seems like the same game reskinned. The Meego for Android changes all of that by offering one of the most unique city builders that I’ve ever played on m...
    Brandon Girod – 9.5/10
    Warner Bros. International Enterprises
    It’s been a good while since I’ve sat down with a Mortal Kombat game. The last one I really got into was MK4 back on my Nintendo 64, though I have put in a few hours here and there with some of the PS2 era entries. Mortal Kombat X for Android takes all the cha...
    Brandon Girod – 9.7/10
  • 94%
    Family Feud is a game show that pits two families against each other as they take turns trying to guess popular answers to questions. The game 94% for Android takes that concept and pits you against yourself as you try and guess 94% of the answers to every que...
    Brandon Girod – 9.7/10
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